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Additional “Done For You” Services Our Firm Provides

There are so many other issues and problems which come up in the course of a normal business or family, that to list all of them would not be beneficial. However, there are additional services our firm has assisted with, in addition to those which carry a fuller description. We’re happy to help you with any of these services!

Bankruptcy Options That Work

Bankruptcy Can Be The Beginning of Your Financial Restoration!

If you are contemplating bankruptcy to wipe out tax issues, unfiled back taxes, interest, and penalties, have a professional thoroughly review your situation prior to filing. In some cases, bankruptcy will leave you with the clean slate necessary to start over. If you don’t qualify to eliminate tax liabilities through bankruptcy, however, you may find that when all is said and done, you still have a massive tax liability left to deal with.

Contact U S Tax Solutions at (423) 870-9336 and let us help!


Taxes – One of the Two Certainties in Life

What do I do if I Can’t Afford to Pay my Taxes?

If you’re among the many Americans who are self-employed or working on commission, your somewhat unpredictable income makes it tough to create a budget. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need one! No matter how you get paid,you’ve still got to stick to a plan so your irregular income and the taxes owed to Uncle Sam doesn’t get out of control.

Start with a Plan! Don’t avoid the problem!

U S Tax Solutions can help!

Continuing Solutions

Congratulations, it looks like we finally have your IRS problem under control!

Now let’s keep it that way.

IRS problems have a funny way of coming back to haunt people if they’re not careful and sometimes, even when they are. U S Tax Solutions wants to partner with you to assure that your IRS problem stays under control in the future.

You have invested valuable time and resources to get the IRS “target” off of your back. Are you confident that the IRS will keep your negotiated agreement “intact”? Our Continuing Solution Plans are designed to protect your investment. Please contact our office for more information.

Identity Theft

Taxes. Security. Together.

We all have a role to play in protecting your data in this age of identity theft. Your data and your privacy are both very important to us at US Tax Solutions. We ask you to partner with us to protect your personal, tax and financial data online and at home.

Depend on us for awareness and informative measures necessary to face this constantly evolving enemy – the identity thief.

Offer Protection

Congratulations on the acceptance of your Offer in Compromise!

You have invested too much time, effort and finances in getting your “offer” accepted; you don’t want it to default because of an IRS glitch.

Future compliance for accepted Offer in Compromise clients is mandatory and you are actually on IRS probation for the next five years; therefore, we have designed a special package to help you stay in compliance! It is our Offer Protection Plan. Please call the office to see if you qualify to enroll in this valuable protection plan.

Payment Convenience

U S Tax Solutions can make your IRS payments for you.

If you’re an individual taxpayer, we can securely pay the IRS directly from your checking or savings account and provide you with confirmation that your payment has been submitted for the following:

  • Tax Return
  • Estimated Tax
  • Amended Return
  • Installment Agreement
  • Proposed Tax Assessment
  • Extension
  • Audit Adjustment/CP2000



Please call the office if you are interested in enrolling in U S Tax Solutions PAYMENT CONVENIENCE PLAN.

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