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Easy Steps to End Your Tax Nightmares:

  • Call US Tax Solutions at (888) 828-1040 to schedule a free consultation with the one of our Tax Resolution Specialists.  Licensed to negotiate nationwide, our Enrolled Agents partner with you to solve your tax problem.  At U S Tax Solutions, there are no commissioned salesmen. We will review your tax problems and discuss your concerns. We will answer your questions and we will explain how we can help.
  • If you qualify, we will obtain copies of your tax records. After a thorough review of your tax records and financial information, we will identify all available options specific to your tax needs and provide you with a written evaluation of our findings. You will pay a small fee for this service.  You are not obligated to U S Tax Solutions beyond this point.
  • When you decide you would like to partner with our Rescue Squad to get your life back and recover from your tax nightmares, we are here for you! If we accept your case, we will immediately inform the IRS and/or State taxing authorities that we will be representing you.  We handle all future contacts to negotiate an end to your tax problems.

Never Talk to the IRS or State Tax Authorities Again!

Let US Tax Solutions Speak for You!

The IRS has established a complex, detailed set of rules.  While Congress makes the tax laws, it is pretty much up to the IRS and their employees to interpret what those laws mean and how they are applied to each tax problem.

At U S Tax Solutions, we are confident in our ability to make sure that the IRS follows the rules.  When it comes down to a confrontation with the IRS, we are on your side!  We’ve got your back!  Knowledge is critical when dealing with the IRS. Knowledge about how the IRS system works and its limits is even more important.  You have rights!  Partner with us to protect your rights as a taxpayer!  Let U S Tax Solutions speak for you!

We Have the Cure for What Ails You!

Our emergency team of licensed professionals are waiting to assist your recovery!

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