Tax Pro World is abuzz about the increase of the Social Security wage base standard.

Well, I should clarify — most of Tax Pro World is taking naps this week and not really thinking much about taxes whatsoever, ha! After all, that was one of the most epically intensive tax “seasons” I can remember, with the stimulus payments, CARES Act changes, PPP, EIDL, and more.

But given what we’ve had to walk through with so many Chattanooga clients this year, and the economic and cultural pain that is roiling through the nation … I’m not complaining. We’re truly thankful that we get to be the ones who can be a port in the 2020 storm for our Chattanooga tax and accounting clients. We get to help you save on your taxes and be a source of trustworthy information.

In fact … before I tell you about the Social Security business, would you do me a favor?

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I know, I know … it’s annoying when businesses ask you for such things. I get it.

But the reason we do is that these platforms (Google, etc) are now such powerful forces for business growth that having good reviews from kind clients is a significant lever for whether we continue to be able to help. Sure, it would be fantastic if none of us had to play these kinds of “marketing games” and our success was based purely on how effective we were at helping our clients.

But we live in the world of “is”, not the world of “should be”.

We work extremely hard to not only save on your taxes … but also to have you know that we are in your corner, and that we want to help you in any way we can.

So again, find us on Google, if you would, and take a minute to drop us a review. We’d be very grateful!
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John and Wanda King


PS — I almost forgot the information about the Social Security Wage Base increase…

The IRS just told us that this will be increasing from $137,700 to $142,800 in 2021. That means an increase in the FICA taxes of close to $800 for some. While this won’t actually impact the majority of my clients, it’s still good information to have.

Yet another reason for us to plan ahead for 2021 if it DOES affect you.


“CRISIS Action Plan” for my Chattanooga tax clients — which is still relevant today:

1) Don’t marinate in other people’s panic. Be mindful of your social media consumption.

2) Continue to stay financially and logistically prepared for worsening situations.

3) Make sure you have some ready, liquid assets, if you are able. (I.e., cash in the bank, and in hand.)

4) Set aside plans for any big spending until the dust settles — but especially look out for your small business owner friends and vendors.