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Tax Liens

Tax Liens are BIG Trouble! - How Can You Possibly Get a Loan To Pay Them Off, When Your Banker Won’t Even Talk To You?

Federal and State Tax Liens prevent you from being able to borrow any money for a car or a home. Taxpayers with IRS Problems often have to shop at “Buy Here, Pay Here”, car lots. These car dealers don’t care if you have a Tax Lien, because they charge so much for the cars and usually have very high interest rates.

Cars are expensive enough without having to pay 18% to 21% interest on a used car loan. But with a Tax Lien you don’t have any choices. The banks have gotten so tough on opening new bank accounts that anyone with a Tax Lien is usually prevented from even having a simple checking or savings account.

This makes it hard on some taxpayers to cash their paychecks or to pay monthly bills. Often they have to pay more money and use money orders or certified checks, just to pay their rent or utility bills.


Try to sell your house with an IRS or State Tax Lien and watch the buyers disappear!


A Tax Lien is a legal claim against your property when you neglect or fail to pay a tax debt!  The Tax Lien becomes part of your public record when it is filed with the clerk of court where you live, operate your business or own real property.

A Tax Lien is released once the tax debt is satisfied or expires.  Even after a Tax Lien is released, it can remain on your Credit Report for up to ten years; negatively affecting your ability to borrow funds, buy assets and many times hinder your employment efforts.


Let our licensed team of Tax Resolution Specialists represent you before the IRS and State taxing authorities.  We have the skills and experience necessary to prevent and remove tax liens.  Let us protect your rights!