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Payroll Taxes

What Every Business Owner Should Know… About How To Solve IRS Payroll Tax Problems

The IRS views unpaid payroll taxes as an emergency problem requiring their immediate attention.  Unpaid payroll taxes are significantly more serious than unpaid income taxes.

As a business owner, if you do not quickly take action to resolve payroll tax problems, the IRS will ruin your business and your personal financial life.

Payroll tax problems are as serious as a heart attack!

Here Are The Facts About IRS Payroll Tax Problems.

  • Most IRS employees believe the business owner with unpaid payroll taxes is stealing from the government and from his employees.  They react accordingly.  They have no sympathy.
  • IRS Revenue Officers are obligated to close a business if a business owner continues to fail to pay (pyramid) new payroll tax liabilities.
  • The IRS can simply show up with a padlock and seize all assets of your business.
  • The IRS does not need permission from a judge or anyone to close your business.
  • Unpaid payroll taxes incur penalties of up to 15% for failure to deposit the payroll taxes. 
  • Unpaid payroll taxes incur a failure to pay penalty of 1/2 % per month. 
  • Interest is compounded daily on unpaid payroll taxes, penalty and interest.  The current rate is 8% and is changed quarterly.
  • If you operate your business as a sole proprietor or partnership, you are personally responsible for all taxes penalties and interest.  The IRS can seize your personal bank account, retirement account, home, car and other personal assets to pay the taxes.
  • If you operate your business as a corporation or multiple-member LLC, you may be personally responsible for all unpaid employee withholding taxes, commonly known as the trust fund penalty or 100% penalty. 
  • Payroll taxes and trust fund penalties are not discharged by bankruptcy.
  • As a business owner, you could be held criminally liable for failure to withhold or remit withheld payroll taxes.  While rare, the IRS does pursue criminal penalties in extreme cases. 




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