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Payroll Tax Problems

How Can You Protect Yourself and Your Business?

Many business owners operate their business as a corporation or LLC.  A primary objective is protecting their personal assets from claims against their business.  The IRS can quickly circumvent this protection through the assessment of the trust fund penalty for unpaid employee withholding taxes.

The trust fund penalty is assessed against anyone who is a “responsible party.”  This could include other family members, bookkeepers and employees as well as the business owners.  To be a responsible party for purposes of the trust fund penalty, the person only has to have knowledge of the unpaid payroll taxes and have the ability to pay the taxes but willfully fail to carry out that responsibility.

Your Fundamental Decision

Before attempting to resolve an IRS payroll tax problem, you as a business owner should make a thorough, rational judgment about your business:

  • Is the business financially viable and worth saving? or  
  • Should the business be closed to prevent further financial damage to you and your family?

If the answer is yes the business is viable, you must use every available opportunity to save the business and resolve the IRS payroll tax problem.

If the answer is no, you must take steps to close the business in an orderly fashion, liquidate assets and be absolutely certain the trust fund portion of the taxes are paid.

Whether the business is financially viable or not, the services of a skilled Tax Resolution Specialist are essential to protect you as the business owner and your family.

Unless you can quickly pay the taxes, penalties and interest in full, you should never attempt to deal with the IRS yourself when your business has unpaid payroll taxes.  When it comes to payroll taxes, IRS employees are not there to help you.  Never talk to them.

Payroll Tax Solutions

Assuming you can’t pay the payroll taxes in a short time (usually 60 days or less) there are many possible solutions.  You should consult a Tax Resolution Specialist knowledgeable in payroll tax cases before attempting to implement any solution other than full payment.

  Possible solutions include: 


  Payroll ArrowInstallment Payment Plan


Payroll Arrow  Offer in Compromise


Payroll Arrow  Business Reorganization


There are many other advanced strategies available to deal with payroll taxes.  Each is unique to the business and the financial strength of the owners of the business.

You have invested too much time, sweat and equity in your business! 



If you need help or just have questions about how to solve your business payroll tax problem, call our team of licensed Tax Resolution Specialist TODAY!