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Payment Plans

Sometimes You Just Have to Pay the Tax!

IRS and state employees will not fully explain your options to pay your tax liability using an installment payment plan.  They are trained to “require” as large a payment as possible.

IRS and state employees are not “here to help you.”  Their job is to collect money owed to their employer, the IRS or state taxing authority.  Here’s the correct story:

In order to be considered for a payment plan, you must be “in compliance.”

  • You must file all required tax returns.
  • You must make estimated tax payments for the current year, if required.
  • If your business owes payroll taxes, you must have two quarters without penalties to be “in compliance.”

If you owe the IRS or state taxes you can’t pay, you may qualify for an installment payment plan.


At U S Tax Solutions, we make sure if you HAVE TO PAY THE TAX - you pay the LEAST AMOUNT OF TAX allowed by law!


Let us obtain financial information and supporting documentation from you to identify all of your settlement options and evaluate with you, the options that are best for you and your budget.