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Levy Releases

The best time to solve your IRS problem is before they start enforced collections.

Resolving your problem before the IRS starts enforced collection is in your best interest.  It is significantly more difficult (and costly) to resolve an IRS problem after enforcement starts.  Unfortunately, sometimes avoiding enforcement is not possible.  Enforcement could include:

  • Levy of your wages or contract payments.
  • Levy of your bank account.
  • Levy of your retirement fund or Social Security.
  • Filing of a Federal Tax Lien.
  • Seizure of property.

So you are probably wondering, just what can U S Tax Solutions really do for me?

Once you decide it is time to take your life back, RELIEF starts with a simple CALL.  The harassing letters, phone calls and appearances at your front door all STOP; once you sign a Power of Attorney, a document that gives our licensed professionals the authority to represent you. Just like that, the IRS is not allowed to contact you directly any longer!

We take immediate action. We contact the IRS on your behalf, within 24 hours!

If all tax returns have been filed, U S Tax Solutions can usually get the IRS to fax a release to your employer on the day we receive all necessary information from you.  The IRS will release the levy in exchange for an installment payment plan or classification of your liability as “currently not collectible.”  If you have unfiled tax returns, we must file them before the IRS will release the levy, a levy release.