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Delinquent Tax Returns

If you have Unfiled or Delinquent Tax Returns or, the IRS has the Invisible Bulls-eye Target on your Back in its Sights

asterisk7Did you know that failure to file a required tax return is a criminal offense? You could spend time as the guest of the government in a federal  prison if you fail to file.



asterisk7Did you know that if you fail to file a return, the IRS may prepare a “substitute” return for you?  And that when they file for you, they allow no  dependents, no deductions and no expense?



asterisk7Did you know that IRS policy requires you to be “in compliance” with tax return filings,  before they will consider a resolution of your  liability?

You must file your tax returns! Let U S Tax Solutions Rescue you!

We specialize in tax preparation for individuals, businesses and other entities.  Whether you are current with your tax filings or have never filed before; we can obtain missing information necessary to get you “in compliance” and to keep you “in compliance”.

Our tax experts study and research tax law, tax code and tax changes so that they can prepare your returns as aggressively and ethically as possible.  Let us use our resources, our knowledge and our expertise to ensure that you file only the returns that you need to file with the lowest possible tax.