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Bank Levies

The IRS Doesn’t Care! They Just Want to Get Paid and They Don’t Care Who Pays your Taxes.

Silent Strike: Like a Skilled Assassin- a Bank Levy Strikes Without Notice! One day your debit card will be working fine, the next day your card will be declined while you’re buying your groceries. The IRS Bank Levy can be devastating and makes normal day to day living impossible.

The Bank Levy allows the IRS to present your bank with a demand that requires the bank to immediately withdraw all the money you owe the IRS.

The worst thing about the IRS Bank Levy is that it may capture your children’s, parent’s, girlfriend’s or spouse’s bank account, if your name happens to be on the account.

After the bank has cleaned out all checking and savings accounts with your name on them, they send the money to the IRS. You should take this as notice that the IRS will issue another Bank Levy against you in the future to satisfy any remaining amounts owed to them.

It’s kind of like hitting the lottery for the IRS.  Once they find out how to get your money, using a bank levy,  they will continue taking your money by issuing more bank levies.

Don’t Lose Your Money Through a Bank Levy! Let U S Tax Solutions Rescue You!

ACT NOW! When the IRS freezes your account, they give you 21 days before they seize all the money out of your account. Our team of Tax Resolution Specialist can take advantage of this small window of time.  We have successfully negotiated bank levies by taking the steps to make sure that Uncle Sam doesn’t keep your money.