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20 questions to ask before you hire a professional to resolve your tax problem.

Where did you go to school to learn tax resolution work?

Wanda and John went to several schools to learn resolution. They are both NTPI Fellows which involves 72 hours each to learn resolution. They also took multiple bootcamps with ASTPS ( American Society of Tax Problem Solvers). They are required to take 30 hours each year to maintain our Enrolled Agent status.

How many years have you practiced in tax resolution work?

Wanda has practiced for 14 years and John has practiced for 10 years.

How much of your practice is devoted to the IRS problem resolution versus tax accounting or legal work?

Most professionals with adequate knowledge and experience to handle tax problem resolution have at least 50% of their practice in tax resolution.  At U.S. Tax Solutions, 100 % of our practice is tax resolution.

Are you the person who will be in charge of solving my problem?

Many firms use commissioned salespersons. Their job is to sell you their services, not solve your problem. You can guarantee that one of us will be the representative handling your account and resolving your problem. 

May I talk with the individual who will be in charge of solving my problem?


Fortunately, at U.S. Tax Solutions, John and Wanda work with each client personally and are happy to answer any questions.

What is your success rate in compromise?

In a typical year, the IRS accepts less than 5% of all offers submitted.  At U.S. Tax Solutions, our success rate has been over 90% in some years, and is currently 87.8% acceptance rate.

Have you ever appealed an "Offer In Compromise" rejection?

In today’s extreme IRS enforcement mode, it’s rare that any "Offer In Compromise" is accepted initially.  After rejection an appeal is required in nearly every compromise settlement. At U.S. Tax Solutions, we take care of this step for you.

Will you verify that the IRS releases the federal tax lien after my "Offer In Compromise" is approved?

The compromise contract contains a provision requiring the IRS to release the federal tax lien within 30 days of full payment of the offer.  Unfortunately, they frequently “forget” or release only one of several tax liens.  Clearing these liens from your credit report is critical for you, and at U.S. Tax Solutions we take care of following up on that for you.

Have you ever negotiated a wage levy release?

U.S. Tax Solutions does this almost daily. Some weeks we have negotiated more than 10!

How long does it take to get a wage levy released?

If all tax returns have been filed, U.S. Tax Solutions can usually get the IRS to fax a release to your employer on the day we receive all necessary information from you.  The IRS will release the levy in exchange for an installment payment plan or classification of your liability as “currently not collectible.”  If you have unfiled tax returns, we must file them before the IRS will release the levy.

Have you ever gotten a federal tax lien released?

Federal tax liens are handled by a special IRS section outside of the normal collections function.  Release of the tax lien with anything other than full payment involves extensive paperwork, negotiation, and time, usually 30 days or more.  The tax lien is the most effective collection tool the IRS has.  They do not let go easily. At U.S. Tax Solutions, we diligently work towards getting federal tax liens released in every case we receive. 

Have you ever gotten IRS penalties abated?

Yes, we have! Moreover, the IRS may abate penalties for “reasonable cause.” 

Will you check my IRS transcripts to make sure my records are in order?

The IRS transcript is the IRS record of your tax account.  According to the IRS, “if it’s not in your transcript, it didn’t happen.”  Right or wrong, it summarizes the tax problem which must be dealt with to resolve your case.  At U.S. Tax Solutions, we obtain your IRS transcript online within 48 hours of receiving your power of attorney form.  We don’t like surprises.

Have you ever negotiated a partial payment installment plan?

Yes, we have!

A recent change in the law allows installment payment plans which do not pay the tax liability in full over the remaining statute of limitations.  Sometimes known as a “Backdoor Offer In Compromise,” a partial payment agreement involves financial disclosures and negotiations similar to an "Offer In Compromise." 

Have you ever negotiated "Currently Not Collectible" status with the IRS?

Yes, we have!

Convincing the IRS that you are unable to pay them anything will stop all enforced collection by them.  Unfortunately, it is usually a temporary solution, not a final resolution to your problem.

Will you consider use of the statute of limitations or bankruptcy to deal with my IRS problem?

If resolution options are not the best fit for your situation, then we will refer you to a bankruptcy attorney. The statute of limitations is definitely a consideration when determining the best option for resolution.

Are you a member of the American Society of IRS Problem Solvers or similar IRS problem resolution professional organizations?

Yes, we are! We are members of:

  • National Association of Tax Professionals
    • John serves as a Board Member as well
  • National Association of Enrolled Agents and
  • The American Society of Tax Problem Solvers

How many hours of continuing education did you take in IRS problem solving last year?

42 hours. 

Can you handle a state tax problem?

Yes, we can!

John has over 25 successful years working with states. He has successfully negotiated Offers In Compromise for the states. These states and clients have been all over the United States.

Are you a federally authorized tax practitioner licensed to represent taxpayers before the IRS?

Yes, we are!

All Enrolled Agents, CPAs and Attorneys are federally authorized to represent taxpayers.  Tax preparers without these licenses cannot represent you before the IRS unless you are physically present or on the phone call to the IRS with them.

We are very selective about the cases we accept!
We simply don’t take every case.
You should be very selective about who you hire!

Very few professionals specialize in tax problem resolution.  The majority of lawyers, CPAs and Enrolled Agent’s concentrate their services in other areas.  They often have limited knowledge of tax resolution work.

At U S Tax Solutions, tax resolution is our specialty.  We are the Emergency Room for good people with tax problems.  We rescue taxpayers in crisis.

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