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I decided to write this letter because to be honest, just a one-page form with a few lines to describe what U. S. Tax Solutions has done for me just simply was nowhere near enough. How could anyone in just a few lines tell the story of a company who went so far beyong what is considered good service and proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that they earn and are worth every penny they charge and more, basically they gave me my life back!

Rick, MI                                          (To request a full copy of the 2 page letter call or email us at the office)

You guys are very professional and you truly want to help your clients. I never dreaded calling, everyone was very nice, friendly and helpful.  Thank you for offering a flat fee!  I never would have been able to afford an hourly rate.
S, Bothell, WA

You did everything you said you would do.  Your staff was very professional, dependable, always took our calls and answered our questions.  You took away the fear from all the horror stories we had heard about dealing with the IRS.  We cannot begin to say “thank you” enough!
Stan & Kristie, TX