IRS Getting Help From Collection Companies

Posted on March 1, 2017 by -

This spring the IRS will let the Debt Collectors work on their bad debt problem. This is only a few weeks away. Four large collection agencies will begin to tackle taxpayers who owe the IRS back taxes. The names don’t really matter. They will be the ones who will do the IRS ‘dirty work’.

For your information the IRS has tried this in the past and it failed miserably. They note that this time the companies will look for the problem taxpayers who debt may ‘go away’ at the expiration date of 10 years. You can relax IRS. They got this.

This time, however, if you are one of the ones caught, you can still get representation and get your account transferred back to the IRS and out of the collectors grasp. On paper it looks good, but in everyday implementing there will probably be those taxpayers who end up falling into the cracks- the hands of the monster debt collectors.

Now we all know that all debt collectors are honest Americans just doing their jobs and looking out for the US of A. The IRS is said to have them on a short leash anyway. So…. I guess we will see.